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Related post: Date: orgasm underage Thu, 2 Jan 2003 16:31:44 -0800 (PST) From: Kirk russian angels underage Landers Subject: Relationships part 3Copyright and Disclaimer: 1. This is a fictional story with fictional characters. 2. No one is underage teen creampies to steal this story under any circumstances 3. This story deals with relationships and not sex, so if you're looking for a story with alot of sex in it. This isn't the story for you.Hope you are all enjoying it. I know that alot of it's cheesy, but that's underage porn modles supossed to be the fun of it. Anyway, hope you all enjoy. Take Care."JEFF'S PLAN"****ALEX**** underage teenporn I woke up and underage ******** video I still had the discusting 69 underage porn feeling of the other night when I saw Ray in that chatroom saying he was single and all that other crap. He's called a couple rompl underage vombat times and left messeges, but I haven't called him back.I got up and went to the underage pussy art kitchen to get underage sucking boys somthing to eat. My parents already left for work so I was home alone. I got pedo underage free out a bowl, cereal, and some milk. After I got my cereal all prepared I sat down at the table. Then just as I was about to eat my phone rang. I let the machine get it first, just in case it's Ray."Hi, you have reached the Grant house. Leave a message after the beep and we'll call you back." the answering machine underage pictures nude saidThen there was the beep."Hey Alex, pick up the phone. underage hard core It's David." David's voice said over the machineI went over and picked up the phone."Hey." I underage lesbian hentai said"Still avoiding Ray?" David asked"Yup." I replied"You don't even want to see if there's an explanation for it?" David asked"David, what kind of explanation can there be?" I asked"I don't know." David replied"I'm just really pissed off underage hentai thumbnails right now." I said"I understand." David said "Well, I just wanted to check in.""Okay, thanks David." I said"But, hentai underage gallery hey I got to go to work so I'll talk to you later." David said"All right." I replied "Later."Then we hung up the phone. David's underage porno school really thoughtful guy, that's why he's my best friend. I looked over at my clock and realized I was late for work so I hurried and got ready then went to the video store. When I got to the video store, we didn't have too many customers, it's Saturday morning, we ussually don't get alot of customers until Saturday night. Since I was the only one in the video store until underage underground xxx the afternoon I reshelved some videos and then I went behind the counter and looked through a Sports Illustrated magazine I had. While I underage virgins ed was looking through it someone came in."Hello." I said still looking at my magazine."Hey Alex." the voice saidI looked up and saw Ray standing there."Oh, hi." I said"You haven't called me back." Ray said"That's right." I said'Why?" Ray asked"As if you don't know." I said"Actually, I don't that's why I'm asking you." Ray said"What's with you Ray? You're single one day, underage fuck pics but still seeing me hardcore underage sex the next?" I tiny teen underage asked"Huh?" Ray asked"Drop it." I said "I don't underage porn trailers know what happened last Sunday with Jeff to make underage kiddy porn you want to be single, yong girls underage but hey, you got your wish. You're single now.""What are you talking about?" Ray asked"The chat room!" I said"What chat room?" magic kinder underage Ray asked"I was in that erotic underage stories chat room that you were in Sunday night." I said"Alex, I didn't even go online Sunday night." Ray said"Yea underage pissing right. Then your screen name just happened to go into a chat room and tell people in it that you were single?" I asked"What?" Ray asked"Whatever, you know, just get out of here Ray. I have customers." I said"Alex, there are no customers here." Ray said"Listen, Ray. It was fun, but obviously it wasn't going to last." I said"What makes you figure that?" Ray asked"We met online. That should have been our first clue that this relationship was doomed." I said"You really want to end it?" Ray askedI didn't say anything, because I still wasn't sure if I wanted to end it or not. Ray looked at me for a minute then headed towards the door."I love you." Ray underage sex top said pausing at the door then left.I stood there watching him leave. That was the first time he underage livecam ever told me that he loved me. Do I love him too? Did I make a big mistake?****RAY**** I drove back to my apartment still in shock over what happened. It was so out of the underage russian toplist blue. I'm a tough guy, but I felt tears running down the side of my face. What was he talking about? Chatroom? Me saying I'm single? I don't get it, I wasn't even online Sunday. I finally got back to my place and sat in the parking lot recalling all the events of last Sunday. Then I remembered somthing****FLASHBACK****"Oh Ray, would you mind if I went to go check somthing online real quick?" Jeff asked"Sure no problem." I said going to my computer and signing on to my AOL account. "I'll let you have some privacy, I'm going to go get something to eat.""All right." Jeff replied****END OF latina underage sex FLASHBACK****"Oh my God." I said to myself, then I pulled out of the drive way and drove towards Jeff's place.****JEFF****I was at home watching some TV when there was a pounding on my door."Who is it? You don't have to pound, I'm not def." I called out"It's Ray!""Oh." I said getting up then I opened the door. Ray came storming through the door."You underaged porn pictures son of a bitch." Ray said"Ray, what's the matter?" I asked"Alex and I broke up, that's what's the underaged porn movies matter." Ray said"Oh, I'm sorry." I said"Don't give me that bull." Ray said "It's all your fault too.""My underage ecstazy toplist fault?" I asked"Yes, your fault. Sunday night, you went underaged girls stripping onto the internet on my screen name and did somthing. I know it!" Ray shouted"Ray, I promise, I did underage picture girl nothing. Why are you so eager to accuse of me doing somthing to damage what underage japonese you and Alex have?" I asked"Because I photomodels naked underage know you Jeff. I know how you work. You came over making me believe you wanted to be friends again, but you only did it so you could have on opportunity to ruin me and Alex and then you thought I would be underage free vids going back to you. Right?" Ray said"That's quite and accustation you're making. Care to back it up with proof?" I asked"I underage drinking rant don't have any, but I know. You did somthing." Ray said then he began to leave."Wait, Ray. There is somthing I need to tell you about that underage sex laws night." I said coming up to him."What is it?" Ray asked coldly"Well, underage ukranian art yes I did gay underage porn go onto incest underage sisters your screen name, we both know that, but I only underaged teenage nudes went on to check my e-mail, honest. Anyway, as I was online Alex did Instant messege me. I told him it underage wet was me and he just typed in 'oh' and signed off." I said to Ray"I don't believe you." Ray asked"Believe what you want, but that's what happened." I said"Why would Alex lie, underage free picture just to break up with me?" Ray asked"I don't know. Maybe he's unstable. He maybe couldn't have enough nerve to break underaged russia up with you and have him look like the bad underage dick sucking guy, so he made up some lie to make you seem like the enemy. Or underage boys naked maybe he said that so you would come to me and then get me out of your life for good...again." I suggested"He wouldn't do that." Ray underage porno underground said"Oh, I see. You can believe what Alex says about me and when I merely suggest what might be the truth you just easily dismiss it." I said"Well." Ray said"There seem to be two stories here. The question is, which one do you believe?" I asked"I don't know." Ray said"Are you going to believe a guy you've known for a couple of months, or a guy you've dated for three years?" I asked"I don't know. I'll talk to you later." Ray said then he leftAfter Ray left I smiled to myself remembering last Sunday.****FLASHBACK****I sat down in front of the computer and when Ray was gone underage panty gallery I went to look at the screen names underage cambodia on his buddy list. There were a few names, but only one got my attention. Alex1984. I located 13 underage pussy him and saw he was in a gay chatroom so I decided blonde underage xxx to go in japanese underaged there as russian underage panties well. When I was in underage vagina dvd there a couple people said hi to me. Ray must talk to these people online alot."So, who here is lookin for some hot fun tonight?" one of the other screen names asked"I am." I typed in, seeing if Alex would say anything"You single?" The screen name asked"Yes." I typed "But don't tell my boyfriend lol." I looked over underage candid at Ray's buddy chinese underage pussy list and saw Alex sign off, then I signed off the computer as well and smiled to myself...****END OF FLASHBACK****Only two people know the truth about last Sunday, Alex and me. I wonder who Ray is going to end up believing?****RAY****When I got back to my apartment I was so confused. Maybe Alex did make it up, I mean he underage whores sites never did like Jeff, and maybe he did want to break up with me for hanging out with Jeff so he made that up. But on the other hand, I can see Jeff doing somthing like this, he would go in and say somthing to set Alex off and get him to break up with underage pics link me. I've none Alex for two months and I've known Jeff for three years. I don't know of a time underage insest sites when Alex has ever lied, and I can recall several occasions in which Jeff has lied or 'stretched the truth to his liking' as he would underage pic russian say."What am I going to do?" I asked myself****ALEX****"I'll tell you what you should do." David said to me."What?" I asked"Go and tell him you love him too." David said"No." I replied"Why not?" David asked"Because it's over." I said"So?" David asked "Maybe he has a good explanation for that internet thing, but you have to go and underage model torrent talk to him.""I don't know." I said"Go!" David said "Right now.""Now?" I asked"Yes, now." David said"But it's late. It's 10:30 at night." I said"So? I'm sure he's up." David said "Go! Now!""What's with you? When I first start going out with him you tell me to be careful and all this stuff and when I break up with him you're telling underage nudist links me to go back to him?" I asked"Well, I finally got to know him and I think he's good for you. Now go!" David said"Fine." I said getting my car keys and then I left.When I got to Ray's apartment I knocked on the door and Ray opened it."Alex!" Ray said suprised"Hey, Ray." I said "I just wanted to underage cp pedo talk, underage porn 12yr underage hooters before we completely dismissed us as a couple.""Oh, okay." underage teen escorts Ray said"Who is it?" I heard a voice call out"It's Alex." I responded"Good, have him come in. We all need to talk." the voice saidI came in and in the living room sat Jeff."You've got to be kidding me." I said"So, free underage lesbian when you found out it was me online last Sunday, you decided to set me up and make it look like something it wasn't." Jeff said"What?" I asked"See look, he's pretending to not know it was me online last Sunday." Jeff said"Oh my God. It all makes sense now." I said "It fat underage porn was you who did it to piss me off and get me underage drinking indiana underage teenies to break up with him.""Oh you just came to that revelation?" Jeff asked "Get off your high horse. You make up some lie about me to get me out of the way.""I did not! You did it." I said"Hold it both of you." Ray said"Which one do you believe?" Jeff asked"I don't know." Ray said"Ray, I have never lied to you. I told you the truth." I said"He's lying." Jeff said"You son of a bitch. I'm going to kick your ass!" I said to Jeff."Hold it! Both of you." Ray said holding me back****RAY****I looked at Alex, then I looked back at Jeff. I can't choose, but I do want to be with Alex still."I'm not going to take sides twinks underage here, but Alex, I do want to be with you." I said"Really?" Alex asked smiling"Yes, I wasn't underageinceststories lying this morning when I told you I loved you." I said****JEFF****"You said what?" I asked in shock"Yes, he told me he collection dark underage loved me." Alex said "And I love him.""You do?" Ray asked"Yes, I do." Alex replied"Fine. I see how it is." I said getting pissed then I headed towards the door and left.When I was outside Ray's door opened and Alex came out."I won." chubby underage bbs Alex said "I knew he would see right through your lie."I turned back and smiled at Alex."You think this is the end?" I asked "We're just getting started."****ALEX****I went back inside and gave Ray a hug."Ray, I'm telling you sexunderagerenewal the truth. underage galleries sex He really did say that stuff in that chat sexy underage teenagers room." I said"I believe you, underaged nude girl It does seem like somthing he underage teen lesbian would do, but maybe he's just doing it out of pain or jealousy. He's actually an okay guy, just give nude underage ******** him a chance okay?" Ray asked "For me?""Okay." underage galery nude I repliedI held Alex and felt comfort. underage putitas I only hope that Jeff doesn't expose my secret to Alex.****JEFF**** I was underage bbs video at my place talking to my friend Taylor."So what are you going to do?" Taylor asked"I don't know." I replied "But if Alex thinks he won, he's got another thing coming.""Well, it's going to underage model paysites be pretty tough. I mean Ray and Alex said I love you to masturbating underage each other." I said"I know that!" I snapped back underage nudes thumbs at Taylor"Calm down." Taylor underage asian teen said"I'm sorry, you're right. But I just don't know what I'm going to do yet." I said"Is this just about winning? Or do you underage naturalists really want him back? I mean before main bbs underage you found out he was with someone else you didn't seem to show any interest in him. And especially after what he made you after you two broke up." Taylor said"Have you been paying attention at underage russian porno all?" I asked "No, I underaged black xxx don't actually want him back. This is about me winning, destroying Ray and getting revenge.""You're kind of evil." Taylor said smiling"Don't forget it." I replied"All right." Taylor replied "So that just leads us right back to the question of 'what are you going to do?""The only advantage that underage teen pussies Alex has over me is that Ray trust him. If I could break that trust, or Alex's trust for Ray then I can just slip right in." I said"Why don't you just tell Alex what Ray did to you?" Taylor asked"Because he would never believe me unless Ray told him also." I said, then Taylor gave me a great idea. "But if I could force Ray to tell him, then Alex would be forced to believe it.""And how do you plan on forcing Ray to tell him?" Taylor asked"Taylor, underage xxx baby this is me you're underage naked xxx talking to." I said smiling "I'll think of somthing.""Well, I'm going to take off then. Call me if you need my help." underage privat Taylor said"All right." I replied then Taylor left.Alex thinks Ray is some sort of god. Little does Alex know the type of person Ray really is. "So, in a way, I'm helping Alex out." I said to myself, but then thought about it. That's the last thing that I want to do. "Alex has just gotten in the way, so if I'm going to destroy Ray, then Alex is going to go down in the proccess."*******************************************************To Be Continued....With any comments or feedback or anything please e-mail me at ILJ4EVER44YAHOO.com
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